April 18, 2014

Unique Building * The Torre Galatea (Figueres, Spain)

The first thing you notice are the giant egg sculptures along the roofline. Then it hits you that the Salvador Dali Theater Museum in Figueras, Spain, is no ordinary building. The museum’s tower, Torre Galatea, was named for the surrealist artist’s deceased wife, and Dali himself lived there until his death in 1989. Interestingly, the museum sits next to the parish church where Dali was baptized in 1904; he is buried in an unmarked crypt in the museum’s main exhibition hall.

I've never been to Spain, however, if I were to go ... this is a building I would want to visit. What sights would you see if you went to Spain?
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April 17, 2014

College Scholarships from Jay-Z and Mom

The Shawn Carter Foundation has announced that they are now accepting applications for their 2014 scholarship program. The foundation, established by rapper Jay-Z and his mom Gloria Carter, aims to enhance the lives of young people.

The foundation is unique because it offers scholarships to single mothers, children who attend alternative schools, students who have earned only a GED, students with grade point averages of 2.0, and students who have previously been incarcerated, etc. The students, however, must demonstrate a strong desire to pursue higher education.

The program provides individual grants ranging from $1,500 to $2,500 to every student who qualifies and re-applies each year, from admission to graduation. The scholarship grant can be used to pay for tuition, books, lab fees, travel and certain costs of living.

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, April 30, 2014.
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April 15, 2014

Happy Birthday: Harold Washington (1922-1987)

Harold Washington sparked the imagination of African Americans throughout the nation when he was elected mayor of Chicago. It was one thing to have mayors in small towns or someplace down in the South. It was another thing for an unabashedly proud Blackman to be elected mayor of the 2nd largest city in the nation.

We honor the anniversary of Mayor Washington's birthday here on this blog!

I think it is fair to say that we would not have Barack Obama has our president if we didn't have Harold Washington as Chicago's mayor. What are your thoughts or memories of Harold Washington?
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March 26, 2014

'Scandal' Star Columbus Goes Gladiator on Some Fool

Columbus Short -- who plays gladiator Harrison Wright on 'Scandal' -- was involved in a bar fight in which the other guy ended up in the hospital. The fight happened on March 15 at a engagement party in Los Angeles. The other guy made some rude comments about the actor's wife.

Evidently, he made one comment too many as Short punched him in the face. The 37-year old victim was knocked out for several minutes before being taken to the hospital.

This week the police finished their investigation and a judge issued the warrant for Short’s arrest on charges of felony aggravated battery. The reason it’s a felony is because there was serious bodily injury involved.

If he’s convicted, Short faces a sentence of four years in prison. His bond has been set at $50,000, and he has yet to turn himself in to police.

Columbus Short may discover that Kerry Washington ain't no Olivia Pope in the real world!

March 23, 2014

Jack and Jill of America Foundation’s National Scholarship Program

The Jack and Jill of America Foundation is committed to the ongoing positive development of African American youth and the development of future leaders. In addition, the foundation provides personal, professional and financial support to children in the areas of leadership skills training and development.

They are engaged in education, mentoring, health & wellness, early childhood and economic development programs. The foundation promotes the preparation of succeeding generations of children as leaders so they may attain the fullest potential as individuals, enjoy rewarding and fulfilling lives and contribute to world peace and prosperity. The key to fulfilling this vision is through education.

The Jack and Jill of America Foundation’s National Scholarship Program is available to high school seniors who will become and maintain full-time status at an accredited, four year post secondary institution beginning in the fall of the year working toward a bachelor’s degree. Applicants must meet all of the eligibility requirements and deadlines to qualify.

Scholarship awards can be applied toward tuition and room & board ranging from $1,500 to $ 2,500, and the deadline to apply is Tuesday, April 1, 2014.

For more details or to apply, visit:
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March 18, 2014

Fiat Lux: The UC Riverside Song

I graduated from the University of California, Riverside (UCR) in 1981. I must admit that I enjoyed my time at UCR. Heck, I served as the president of the student body for one of my years on campus ... and I met my (first) wife ... and had an internship that led to a 20+ year career with the federal government. UCR was fun. As such, it is with pride that I share 'Fiat Lux: The UCR Song' with all villagers!

The song was created by Cameron Booth '13 (and performed with Walter Cabal '11) to inspire Highlanders to think of Riverside fondly. Booth created as a thank you for alumni, donors, students and lovers of UCR everywhere. It worked for me.

My favorite line in the song? '...football undefeated since 1975!'. Enjoy my Pinterest homage to UC Riverside.   Feel free to send me any UCR-related photos you may have and I'll add them to the board!

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